January 2

Android Development – The First Run

Following on from my goals post that I put up the other day, I have decided to kick start the Android development area that I was going to look into. I used to use Java back in the day when applets were prevelent around the internet but that was so long ago I am as good as a noob when it comes to using Java. As many of you will know, I also have a hate for the Java platform as a whole but I am having to use it for my University course so I thought I might as well work on something I will have fun with, Android apps! Tie that in with my liking of Pokémon, I have come up with 2 applications I am going to work on:

  1. Pokémon GO toolkit app. I had started on this in 2016 but quickly gave up due to boredom and inexperience but this is going to be a good push for me.
  2. Pokémon Team Builder. This is an application that will hopefully make user’s lives easier. Currently team building can be tedious and requires using 2-3 different online websites to get all the information needed and I am aiming to build an app that condenses all of it into one place. The only app that I could find for this so far is a broken one that crashes upon trying to enter text!

To start off with though, I feel that the team builder app will be where I start off as it will require a lot less maths and calculations (lets save that for when my brain wakes up mid 2017!) but on the flip side it will require me to learn a lot more in different areas of Java like different ways to handle large portions of data and interacting with them. Once I have finished building the app to a level that I am happy for in an initial release, I will pay the $25 fee to Google for a development license and then release it into the wild!


Onto the App

So onto the app idea, it is going to initially be 3 pages, the welcome page, the page to add your Pokémon and the results page. The flow will be nice and simple, the welcome page will provide user a platform to launch which section of the app, initially it will just have a block of text explaining a small bit about the app and just 1 button as there will be just the 1 feature initially. Once new features are added then new buttons will be made available to the user.

The page that is linked by the button is the Add Pokémon page, which will have 6 auto-complete fields that once you start typing in a Pokémon name it will give you suggestions to make it quicker and easier to fill your team in. Once you are done with all 6, just press submit and then you are transported to the results page.

Finally the results page will list what Pokémon that was selected by the user, what typing they are and finally what your team will be good against and what will cause it problems.

That is what the initial phase of the application will end up like, at the moment I think that is a good initial release and then features for the future could include tips on how to counteract the weakness in your team, save the team into a format so that you could export it to showdown (or PkHeX if you are that way inclined) so that you can export it better.

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