December 21

A Fresh Start

As some of you might have noticed, I have been having quite a few issues with the site over the past month or so, including it not actually being active. Unfortunately this is down to the old hosting provider screwing not only myself but DDR over massively.

To let you know what had happened, around 18 months ago our VPS hosting provider was bought by a larger company and nothing apparently was going to change. This was not to be the case, the network ended up becoming increasingly slower as time went on and finally on the 2nd of December, the two servers that we ran were suddenly shut down out of the blue. After trying to get logged into the VPS control panel and failing as I later find out this was also disabled, I raised a ticket to find out that the service was shut down permanently.

To say I was furious would be an understatement, Marquis was furious too. I was finally able to find a new host and here I am! Where are my posts you ask? Well all the server files, database files, emails etc are being held hostage by the old host. They are stating that if I want any of the files back it would be $50 which is absolutely outrageous.


So for now at least, I am starting afresh with a new blog, new content for the new year, lets see how it goes!

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Posted December 21, 2016 by Marc Towler in category "Updates


  1. By Marquis on

    For notes, I am of the notion that you should absolutely get that data back. i’ve watched all the effort you’ve made in even writing all of that and it is simply not even feasible for you to not get that back.

    fight them.

    1. By marctowler (Post author) on

      I agree and I am fighting it. This company is no better then ransomware companies right now


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