January 19

Already One Month Through the Year

To think that we are already coming to the end of the first month of the year! Time seems like it decided to continue on its fast paced run from the end of last year as it has just flown by.

I guess I originally planned on this being a post to update myself and all of you on how I have been doing against my goals but it seems that it is all I have been writing since rejuvenating this blog. What I also want to do is look at what I plan on doing in February and micro manage my goals which should help significantly so here we go on the recap.


  • The first application that I was making is coming on quite nicely, I have a few small problems that I need to work on to really make the last few leaps and bounds that is left to get it close to a release point! Thanks to @NickG365, I have made progress by learning about POJO, so lets see what the future brings on this one.
  • I haven’t started work on my goal for learning a new language but right now I think that is fine, I have plenty of time to choose and implement the learning.
  • Work/life balance is much, much better and it seems I have lost the TV and PlayStation a lot more recently due to @Clare¬†getting addicted to Destiny and she is doing great at it!


Looking into February, it is a varied month. I still don’t have the capture card that I originally planned on getting for January to really step up my video editing and publishing on my main Youtube channel. On the flip side, I still need to heavily work on my second channel¬†especially as I now have a stable way to stream content directly from my 3DS. This is going to be a goal for February, to write 10 video scripts and have at least 4 videos ready for a scheduled release over the month.

On top of all of this, my first rugby match of 2017 will kick start my first weekend of February so I need to get myself prepared for it and be ready to bring my A game. It is going to be painful after having two months off from both training and matches.

What are your plans for February?

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