December 31

2016 in review and moving onto 2017!

It is crazy to think that 2016 is already over, it feels to have moved so fast, it is incredible. For many people it has been a sad year with so many iconic celebrities passing away, including the magnificent Carrie Fisher.

My 2016 has had many bumps in the road but overall I feel it has been a fairly good year. Compared to the goals that I had set myself a year ago today, I have had some real successes and I learnt a lot about myself and what I thought my limitations were. Due to losing the original blog post, I will have to list the goals that I remember below and how I did against them.

1: Write at least 1 blog post a week: this was my worst failure against all of my goals for the year, overall I posted only 24 blog posts in 2016 (including this one), the plus side is that my blog reached all new heights in terms of reach, views, visitor retention and time spent on the site. I managed to hot over 35,000 views with a 22% returning user stat which is amazing!

2: Upload 10 edited videos in the year: I managed to do one, which can be viewed here. I found this the hardest of my goals, my self confidence in recording myself was the biggest issue but I have been learning good skills in Photoshop and Video editing which in its own right is amazing. With my main channel, I am still mainly focusing on unedited streams from my PS4 but I am looking to change that for the new year so watch this space.

3: Have a better work/life balance: This is a goal that I really feel I have really achieved, as I have heavily reduced my workload that I take home, generally limited it t0 checking my emails!

Unfortunately that is all I remember of my goals of 2016. I had a few achievements that wasn’t part of my goals, like making my first ready to put on the market Android app! I just need to pay the $25 for the developer license and away I go! I also achieved a 97% on my Uni work, which was a Java module that I completed in under 10 hours but the comment from my tutor was praising all the time I obviously put into the work! But that is enough of looking at the past, it’s time to look forward into 2017 and what I want to achieve and get out of the year.

1: Plan 2 projects and complete it, 1 android app and 1 web based app.

2: At least 1 blog post weekly, could even incorporate the above goal.

3: Have at least 1 day a week just for clare.

4: Purchase a recorder and use that to record my PS4 gaming and edit it (even if there is no voice) and upload at least 30 videos that way.

5: Learn a new language.

So there you have it, what do you think to this year’s goals and what are your goals?

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