December 2

Triggering Organisation

Since the hassle that was working with the follower event handler, I decided to move onto the raid and host event triggers despite leaving issues in the follower event. After the challenges I had just faced, I thought I had enough in the bank to be able to easily handle the upcoming code challenge. after about 15 minutes of reading and typing, I ended up with the following which compiled fine, the issue was it did not want to trigger.

private void OnRaidNotification(object sender, OnRaidNotificationArgs e)
form.WriteChat(e.RaidNotificaiton.DisplayName + ” raided!!!!!!!!”);

private void OnBeingHosted(object sender, OnBeingHostedArgs e)
form.WriteChat(e.BeingHostedNotification.Channel + ” hosted with ” + e.BeingHostedNotification.Viewers + ” viewers”);
form.AddEvent(e.BeingHostedNotification.Channel + ” hosted (” + e.BeingHostedNotification.Viewers + “)”);
form.AddEvent(e.BeingHostedNotification.HostedByChannel + ” hosted (” + e.BeingHostedNotification.Viewers + “)”);

After testing a few times to see if something is wrong (as you can see with the e.BeingHostedNotification.Channel AND e.BeingHostedNotification.HostedByChannel) to see which would work, it was time to throw in breakpoints. At least this way I would be able to tell if the issue lay with my code of with TwitchLib/Twitch… Recompiled the bot, dropped the host and… The breakpoint never triggered, I even waited a couple of minutes in case it was delayed, it was not. So there is a very likely chance that the issue lies with TwitchLib as neither trigger was fired, I decided to pop a message into the TwitchLib discord but after waiting two days, I still have no response other then “it should work”.

Last night was the first advent stream so I thought I would build the bot and give it a live test and all in all it performed as well as I had expected it to. Certain methods weren’t working, others did and it highlighted a few niggles and bugs that need to be worked on which after the stream caused me to get organised. I ended up creating a feature and bug/niggle tracker, yes I could have used Trello and/or GitHub but I felt like running it this way for now and you can see the results here:


Tomorrow I am on my first day back to work after my holiday so development and posts will slow down but it has been a good bit of progress so far!

November 25

Working with a new Language and TwitchLib API

This week I decided it was finally time to delve into the world of C# properly, I have previously dabbled in the language but never worked on it solidly for a prolonged period of time so that I would be able to learn the system properly.

One project that I have worked on before which would help ease the transition is working on a Twitch Bot. My most recent PHP project on stream was a bot so the general logic is going to be a breeze. After all, Twitch is just an IRC protocol which is easy enough to work with and manipulate. Despite the ease, I had found a library called TwitchLib which has been made by a decent team of C# developers.

Whilst I won’t be able to stream the development of the bot due to the system limitations, I am going to use this blog to show the progress of the development as well as any challenges that I come across in the development, especially as I haven’t found any real tutorials or resources that could help.

March 12

It has been a while!

So it has been almost 3 months since I last wrote here and a lot has changed in so many different ways, professionally, personally, physically and mentally too! So what has happened you ask? Well lets split it up:



After 6 years, 10 months and 1 day of working for o2, I decided to start putting out feelers for different jobs, both in retail and outside of retail as I feel the stress and mental drain of the job far outweighs the benefits and it has done for quite a while. I am fed up of returning home from work mentally tired and fed up as it isn’t easy to just shake off when I get home which is affecting my work/life balance massively. For the programming side of my professional career I need to reboot my programming and build up a portfolio which pushed me harder to get DDR onto a framework (which it is now btw so go take a look).

On top of the framework, I was previously building the Android app that was previously chronicled on the blog which hasn’t progressed much more unfortunately but it will be making a return before the end of the month! I have also taken up to learning C# and again I will be working on a fun project to develop my knowledge of the language and spur me on. The twist to this project is that I have also asked Quis to help out on the graphical and story-line stuff but more information will be on that soon!


Personally and Physically

As a lot of you know, this year was my return to Rugby Union after so long away from it, it certainly has been a fun year of it but yesterday was my last match of the season due to work commitments which is sad and unfortunate. The community that is Yarnbury RFC is just amazing but it has also helped me lose weight too which is an added bonus!

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